Sunday, 5 April 2015

Dear Reader,

A warm but wary welcome to you all.  If you were here in person, I would smile at you but neither shake your hand nor kiss or hug you.  For I, like some estimated 50.7% of the population (cited here from a 1998 study by the Myers-Briggs Association) score highly on most characteristics of introversion, including extreme sensitivity to sound and light (if you've ever winced at a siren or found a tiny tapping noise unbearable, you may empathise) and some elements of high response to general stimulus, including that most stimulating of objects, other people.

You may not even notice if you met me that anything was different, so practised am I at pretending. However, I loathe hellos and goodbyes with anyone but my dearest friends and worry that my reluctance will be interpreted as superiority or discourtesy.  I also identify strongly with one of the strongest introversion characteristics: being drained by any form of social activity and needing alone time to recharge.  I self-identify as a thinker, an analyser, and a problem-solver.

If any of this sounds familiar, you may wish to take a version of the test here.  (There are many others available and the full version does cost).

If you know about introversion already, please read on.  I'm delighted to make your acquaintance in this most attractive of worlds to the introvert, global hyperspace.  Here you can listen or ignore, reply or lurk, pause at any time to read references, and come dressed in anything and everything you please, without fear of judgement.  Well, only if you insist on posting photos.

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