Wednesday, 10 February 2016

Flippin 'eck!

Dear Reader,

Have you ever had a dream?  A really aspirational, multi-towered castle in the air that would change the skyline up there forever?

I've had a few, in my time, but the most persistent has always been to write a book, or several.

The attraction, for me, is in the grind and grit of a lengthy, long-term project that makes something concrete at the end of it - something tangible and touchable - but that contains ideas, seeds, juxtapositions that could set off incredible consequences in the minds and hearts of others. A book is one of my favourite things. A book is a stew of intangibles wrapped up in a tangible.  A book is something you gently let fly into the world with no idea whether it will fall or soar. It's pretty huge, this dream.

Today, I am one huge step closer towards achieving it.

One of my favourite Descartes' quotes (clever chap, very quotable) is this:
"Divide each difficulty into as many parts as is feasible and necessary to resolve it."

With this idea, 'I can't write a book!' becomes: 'but what first step CAN you take? And what comes after that?'

I and two dear colleagues are lucky enough to be collating and editing the UK Flip the System book this year.  (For more info, please see We've reached a point where the project is looking very much like a reality and we have managed to persuade others that we can build the castle.

If one stops to consider it, it seems daunting.  But Descartes tells us - no need.  Just start on the foundations and work your way up.

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