Tuesday, 16 February 2016

Guest blog: Annabelle Rycroft-Smith's perspective

Dear Reader,

Have you ever asked your children what they think about their school?

Have you ever listened really carefully to the answer?

For today's blog, I asked my daughter Annabelle, currently in Year 5 (aged 10) to think carefully about what she would like to say to her teachers, if she had the opportunity.  I told her this blog goes out to lots of teachers as well as others in education and asked her what she really felt passionate about.  Here is her response:

These days I think teachers need to be stricter. I mean for instance if there were bullies in my school the teachers will just give them a warning, and that means they know they can do it again -  and another time another teacher might just tell them to stop again.  I feel like the teachers don't deal with it properly.  For me, the effect is that I feel bad for people who are bullied and powerless to help.

 If there are rules like ‘no phones allowed’ people can just bring them in and threaten the teachers and say “you can’t take my phone away or I will tell my mum”. The headteacher should be able to say to parents "if you don't like our rules, then get out of our school."

Some schools just let kids do whatever they want, but how will they learn?

School is for learning new things every day and getting new techniques for secondary school and life afterwards. But it's also about making friends and social skills, so teachers being stricter would mean you can spend your time doing that instead of being afraid..  If someone breaks the rules, they should be punished, but there still should be allowances for when we make mistakes.

Teachers in my school are too soft. I know someone who was only 9 and took his phone to school, and a teacher only took it away until the end of the day. If I could tell teachers what to do better I would say that teachers need to be really strict. Also if they have seen anyone bullying send them straight to the Headteacher.

Do you agree these days teachers are too soft?  


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