Friday, 12 February 2016

SATS appeal: a challenge....

Dear Reader,

Did you know that the government has introduced new Year 6 SATS tests for this year?

Many teachers are suggesting they are pointless, time-pressured and measuring things that shouldn't be on the curriculum at all.

Michael Bailey, a headteacher, has called for Nicky Morgan, Education Secretary, to take on the paper herself, saying "I don’t believe the government or the public truly understands the demands made on our Year 6 pupils. Although I believe we should have high expectations for children’s learning, I do not believe pushing more and more of the secondary curriculum into the primary school’s domain is the right way to achieve this."

Some believe the new tests put ridiculous pressure on ten and eleven-year-olds and are effectively helping to rob them of their childhoods.

There is also the argument that many of the skills tested are not relevant to adult life or workplace needs.

Whatever you think, it's worth considering what we are asking of our young people at this crucial time in their development.
So- we have a proposition for you.

Teachers, TAs, parents, governors....
We want YOU to take the Year 6 SATS papers in May, and publish your results. (You can mark your own.  We trust you).

Here are our reasons:
1. To show support and solidarity with Year 6 pupils this summer.
2. To demonstrate publicly that it's ok to make mistakes.
3. To help cross the primary-secondary divide.
4. For professional development.
4. To show that the skills are not relevant or necessary for the workplace or adult life.
6. For fun!
7.  To encourage Nicky Morgan - and everyone else in government - to do the same.

Go on - I dare you!

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