Sunday, 14 February 2016

A word in a politician's ear...or several

Dear Reader,

What do you wish you could say to politicians who have a real effect on your working life?

I have had an article published in the Guardian today  - which I have been working on for a while -  in which I set out my views on what has gone wrong in education and how to fix it.  I hope that Nicky Morgan reads and reflects on my comments and I would be happy to talk further with her about solutions for the future.  I've had some lovely comments about the piece, ranging from 'couldn't agree more' to 'Brilliant article!  You have said it all', to 'you should offer this letter to the Unions and get Labour to endorse it'.

I'm lucky enough to have such a platform to be able to set out my ideas, but I'm aware that most people don't.

What do you wish you could say to politicians?  What do you wish they knew about your field that would make a difference to the decisions they make?


  1. Thanks for sharing this Lucy. I've just commented on the Guardia piece the following:

    Hi! As a student I was attracted to teaching, until I observed my own teachers more carefully and saw how restricted they were - some invisible hand played them and it was sad to see. My efforts to understand what's happening began last year and lead to my involvement in the recent Politics in Education Summit that sparked the Select Committee Enquiry into the Purpose of Education, evidence stage just ended. To help spread the word of the content of this Summit, I've created a free eCourse and over 50 education professionals (and others interested in what's happening, like me) have followed it. If you'd like to learn how it's possible to do much more than petition Government (though that will always be important) then please consider joining this eCourse -

  2. Thanks Leah - always nice to hear possible solutions :)

  3. Thanks Leah - always nice to hear possible solutions :)